Dinner Out – Red Robin

I know what you’re thinking – what?!  Red Robin? That doesn’t seem very healthy or paleo.  Isn’t that the place with the sky-high milkshakes and ice cream pie?  Why yes, yes it is.  But, they’ve also redone their menu to make it more paleo-friendly.  My husband is in the UK right now, which means that I’ve got six (SIX!) days home with our kids.  Alone.  Oh, and it’s summer break.  Who is the genius that decided to take most of these 6 days off?  That’s right, it was me.

Anyway, enough whining.  My 7 year old son insisted on going to Red Robin and I obliged, thinking “oh, great.  I’m going to have to eat something I don’t want to or beg the waiter to do something special for me”.  I was super surprised to find a bunch of great options on the menu!

I ordered a bunless guacamole burger minus the cheese and mayo with a side of sweet potato fries.  Sure, they were definitely Alexia’s fries and the beef was definitely NOT grass-fed, but the burger came wrapped in lettuce, the fries were hot and my kids were happy!


Dinner Tonight – Panera Bread

I didn’t cook tonight – too much to do!  Instead, I went to Panera Bread, got the Cobb Salad with no cheese and no dressing.  When we got home, I added olive oil and a little cider vinegar and sea salt.  Yummy!

Dinner Out + Dessert

My husband and I do not get to go out often (we’ve got 2 kiddos), and when we do manage to find an available babysitter, it’s usually for one of his shows (he plays in the awesome 80’s cover band, Nitewave – seen above) or some other type of organized event.  Tonight, he had a show, but didn’t go on until 10:30, so we were able to grab a quick dinner together.  alone.

We went to this greek restaurant, Costas Opa in Fremont, which has been there since both of us have lived in Seattle (16+ years).  It was super charming and the food was really delicious.  I was surprised at how easy it was to eat Paleo and enjoy my meal.  I had a Greek Salad (order it with no feta and dressing on the side) and the lamb chops, which were served with a delicious mix of seasonal stewed vegetables.  So delicious – we will be going back!

After his show, I found some almond butter, spread it on a hunk of 85% dark chocolate, and ate it up!

Shabu Shabu

My husband and kids LOVE sushi.  I mean LOVE it.  I think we would eat sushi every meal if it wasn’t so expensive.  A few months before I started eating Paleo, I noticed that I was getting really bad stomach aches when we went out for sushi.  At first, I thought it might be a tinge of food poisoning, then I thought it might be the rice.  Either way, my husband was NOT PLEASED when I told him that sushi might be off the menu permanently.  We found a sushi place near our house called Sushi Maru and decided to give sushi one last try.  When we got there, we found that, in addition to some pretty fantastic rolls (single tear) they also offered Shabu Shabu, a kind of Japanese Hot Pot incorporating Fresh Veggies, a variety of meat options and a couple of broth options.

I ordered a basic shabu shabu with beef (the beef comes in thinly sliced frozen strips) it and was delicious.  If you haven’t had a hot pot meal before, the waiter typically brings out a steaming bowl of broth, usually with some type of fish or miso base (to be paleo you would want to go with the fish base).  You boil the broth (usually on some type of table top burner), then swish the veggies or meat in the boiling broth.  Then you dip the veggies or meat in some type of sesame-based sauce.

I am not too sure about the sauce (next time we go I am going to ask if it has soy), but the rest of the meal is super paleo-friendly, super healthy and very delicious!