Paleo-friendly Wines

Since I am relatively new to the Paleo diet, I recently had a bit of a panic moment on my way to a work event where I realized that I had NO idea what type of alcohol to order.  Of course, to be strictly Paleo, I could choose not to drink alcohol, but as a busy working mom, it’s rare that I drink and I do love a glass of wine at a party.  I texted my amazing friend Erin, of Acme Fine Wines (also a member of the Wine Sisterhood) and had the following conversation about wine (PS I am not a wine expert – I just know I like it)

Me: Do they add sugar to grapes to make red wine?

Erin: No, they don’t usually add sugar bc there is enough in the grapes naturally since CA is nice & warm

Me: So if I am avoiding sugar I should drink CA wines?

Erin: All wines start with sugars, it gets converted into alcohol.  Find a wine that’s totally dry & all the sugar will be converted.  A sweeter wine will have residual sugar.

Me: What is a totally dry wine?  Sorry I am a dummy.  Have a work party and no idea what to drink 🙂

Erin: Dry = opposite of sweet.  Cab is usually dry!  Doooo it!!  Sometimes zins or oaky Chardonnays or Rieslings can be sweet.

Phew!  Good thing Cabernet is my favorite!  For a list of what I can assume are amazing CA Cabernets – click here and/or call Erin to order a bottle.